Service Details

Weekly swimming pool services

Weekly Full Service  - $100 - Chemical check once a week and a complete swimming pool service* once a week. Staying on top of the game with 2 days a week service ensures that your pool and water always looks great!

Weekly Service - $85 - Complete swimming pool service* once a week.

Weekly Chemical Check - $45 - Chemical check and water balance once a week. Also included is emptying the skimmer/pump baskets, inspecting equipment and backwashing the filter(if applicable)  to make sure you're good to go.

Swimming Pool Openings and Closings

Swimming Pool Openings - $350 (with spa $475 unless sale) - Includes inspecting and starting equipment, cover removal(if applicable), vacuuming, netting, test water, balance water with necessary chemicals, cleaning deck area around pool, installing ladders and boards. Basic openings are also available.

Swimming Pool Closings - $350 (with spa $475 unless sale) - Includes draining and winterizing equipment, lowering water level if needed, blowing of lines with compressed air, feeding lines with minimal anti-freeze, cover placement, accessory removal and adding necessary chemicals to get you by until spring.

Vacation Maintenance - We're here to provide periodic pool service, for your piece of mind, while you are away. You can rest assured and enjoy your vacation knowing that you have a trustworthy and knowledgeable person taking care of your swimming pool.

*Full Service Includes: vacuuming pool, netting water surface, hosing debris and filth from deck area, clean equipment baskets, cleaning skimmers and baskets, scrubbing scum lines, chemical check and adding necessary chemicals.

Enjoy even more services provided under one roof. Not only do we offer your typical pool service, maintenance and repairs but we now offer leak detection, vinyl pool liners and automatic covers as well.

Vinyl Liner Replacement - Is your swimming pool liner in disarray? Leaking, wrinkled, faded? Have it replaced professionally by us. Liners are priced by size, as no two are exactly the same, and we'll do everything from emptying, measuring, replacing and won't leave until you're ready to swim.

Leak Detection - Tired of filling the pool just to find out it's dropping again? Have the leak detected. The cost of consistently adding water will exceed the cost of a leak detection. We'll find the leak, quote the repair and do our best to get your pool leak free ASAP.

Automatic Cover Replacement - We provide some of the best professional automatic cover installations. Our all inclusive installation leaves you with a worry-free, trouble-free cover that will last for years to come.

Call today for "Service You Deserve!"

We provide the swimming pool service you need. With pool services ranging from a chemical check to heater, motor and filter repairs and replacements, we're your all around service company. If your pool is leaking, have algae growth, leaking equipment, broken tiles, cloudy water, or just need your water to sparkle, call us today at 317-332-6355 today! We'll get you on the right path to enjoying a trouble free pool once again.