Q.  What are the ideal ranges for my chemicals to be?

A.  Although there are many things to test for, the basic chemical levels will be;
      Chlorine 1.5-3.0 ppm
      pH 7.2-7.6
      Total Alkalinity 80-120
      Cyanuric Acid (stabilizer) 30-50 ppm
      Calcium Hardness 250-500 ppm

Q.  Why is my motor so loud?

A.  It could be as simple as something caught in the impeller. Often times, though, when a motor is getting steadily louder it is the internal bearings wearing out and the motor needs replaced.

Q.  What would cause debris to come back through the jets/returns in my pool?

A.  Depending on the type of filter (cartridge, D.E. or sand) it could be that the cartridge is not seated properly or an o-ring is worn. Its possible that over time your filter could wear out and tear along a seam or perforation point.

Q.  What is different about your pool closings and why do they stand out?

A.  Depending on the service company you use differences may be minimal. First, we clear all of your pipes and equipment free of water with compressed air. Second, we follow up by sending a minimal amount of antifreeze through the pipes and equipment. This ensures a quality and trouble free closing that cuts down on cost and troubles associated with too much swimming pool antifreeze. Its a full service closing so you can sit back, relax and have peace of mind that everything is done correctly.

Q.  Why should we decide on your company instead of a competitor?

A.  I do my best to ensure my customers are always happy with the service they've received. If you're ever unhappy with anything, please, feel free to inform me and I will do my best to correct it. From a price point we are extremely competitive. If you're able to find a comparable service for less money I will try to match the price. The service we provide is top notch, professional, courteous and extremely hard to beat.

Q.  Why are people so concerned with pH?

A.  There are many reasons that pH plays a big factor in your water chemistry.
Low pH
If the pH is too low(acidic) it can cause premature wear to your pool and equipment. Not only damaging the equipment and structure of the pool, low pH(under 7.0) can cause your chlorine to become unstable. This will cause you to use an excessive amount of chlorine to try and sanitize the water properly. Low pH can also cause eye, nose and skin irritability.
High pH
High pH can also cause eye, nose and skin irritability. It can also cause an excess amount of scaling on the structure and in the equipment of the pool. Just as low pH, high pH can also cause decreased sanitation effectiveness of the water. Another problem you might run into is cloudy/murky pool water.

Those are a few reasons why pH is such an important factor in your water chemistry. One of the first things I check when testing water is the pH. If your pH isn't in line, it will only make things worse.

The FAQ's are being updated periodically. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions you need assisted with. We're always glad to help!

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